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Contemporary Freestanding Fireplaces

Get the linear look with up to $3,000* off Axis I1000 freestanding fireplaces. Handmade in France, upgrade your space now!

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Introducing our exclusive handcrafted suspended fireplaces, produced by French award winning designer Jean-Claude Bordelet. JC Bordelet fireplaces have been gracing the rooms of luxury hotels, designer residences and extravagant restaurants all over the world since 1976.

Suspended Fireplaces

Explore our award winning JC Bordelet suspended wood fireplaces and be inspired by a new age of French fireplace sculptures.

Increasingly sought after, our French-made contemporary inbuilt fireplace series are a true statement piece in any grand designed space. Selecting one of these prestigious wood fireplaces also allows you to transfer heat into multiple areas of your home.

Contemporary Inbuilt Fireplaces

View ostentatious panoramic wood fires with our Axis contemporary inbuilt fireplace series. Also exclusively featuring Australia’s largest inbuilt single and double sided wood heater.

Pioneered in France with innovation and at the forefront of wood firebox technology, Cheminees Seguin Duteriez fireplaces have been warming homes worldwide for over 30 years and exclusively feature DAFS (Double Air Flow System) with selected models.

Cheminees Cast Iron Fireplaces

Discover our Seguin cast iron cheminee fireplace range and discover the benefits of these classic French-made cast iron wood heaters.

Famous for their ability to dramatically enhance the ambiance in two spaces at once, our French-made double sided fireplaces are designed to be the perfect room divider, with the added ability to also transfer heat into multiple areas.

Double Sided Wood Fireplaces

Use this playful design as a divider between two grand spaces with our collection of French double sided wood fireplaces, featuring Australia’s largest double sided wood heater.

Mesmerise your audience from multiple viewing areas with our unique two, three and patented four sided wood fires

Cheminees Multivision Wood Fireplaces

See how you can seamlessly incorporate your new wood fireplace into any room with our multivision wood fireplace series, now featuring the worlds first four sided wood heater.

Offering versatility of wood or gas fireplace options, discover Seguin fireplaces and be inspired by innovative design and style

Cast Iron Stove Wood Fireplaces

Artisan engineered and with the use of exclusive materials, Seguin fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure cast iron

With the use of exclusive materials, Seguin Wood Fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure original cast iron and are highly regarded for their durability and increased heating capacity.

Hydronic Wood Fireplaces

Stylish and cutting edge design, Seguin Multivision Hydro Fireplaces are sure to be a focal point in any space, all while providing a sustainable home heating solution.

The new Axis i1000 range of wood heaters is the result of years of perfection in both design and engineering. The Axis highly sought after contemporary look is now available in free-standing; which includes both single and double sided models.

Contemporary Freestanding Fireplaces

Made in France the Axis i1000 and Seguin Cast Iron Stoves ranges are perfect for any home, providing contemporary class with high efficiency and large viewing space; making the fireplace the heart of your home!