We are pleased to introduce to you Sculpt Fireplace Collection – With exclusive distribution in Australia and New Zealand of some of Europe’s most sought after high-end European fireplace designs. We are certain that we are going to ignite inspiration and excitement for our architects, interior designers, builders and our clients, nationwide.

A new focus in fireplaces

Axis, JC Bordelet and Seguin are just some of the pinnacle French brands Sculpt will be delivering to Australia and New Zealand. With over 40 years experience in hand crafting top quality products between them. We beleive in offering the best quality and technologically advanced wood fireplace products available on the market today.

Axis has dedicated the last 15 years to designing and manufacturing quality steel fireboxes, using state of the art technology to laser cut all units, as a result of this bespoke craftsmanship, no warping in the firebox will ever occur. These superb pieces will retain superior heat, combined with large heating capacity, your home will be comfort central all winter. A perfect collision of practicality and high end statement.

A new focus in fireplaces

Axis fireplace advantages:

  • 100% Designed and manufactured in Belley France
  • Door lift producing flawless silent mechanism
  • Fire bricks baked at 1350 degrees c and reach 600 degrees c when alight
  • Interlocking bricks manually assembled for uniform heat accumulation
  • Low CO emissions
  • Air circulation doors for air wash technology, and Post Combustion Technology

Seguin is a company who prides themselves on being at the forefront of firebox design and include their patented DAFS (double air flow system), Intelligent Heating System technology, allowing you to control your wood heater via remote control, and their four sided glass firebox amongst their significant reveries. With an average firebox thickness of 8-10mm their wood fireboxes are crafted from pure cast iron – which also aids the radiant heat of the unit to last well into the cold nights. It’s thanks to this quality that see a 10 year guarantee on all Seguin products.

Seguin Fireplace advantages:

  • 10 year warranty on all fireboxes
  • 100% pure cast iron fireboxes (not made with any recycled materials)
  • Optional Black line printed glass with selected wood fires
  • One, two, three or four sided glass models
  • All fireboxes come with fire grate and ash pan as standard

And lastly JC Bordelet, the most renowned of the curators of the suspended firebox, having multiple design awards under their illustrious career, Bordelet’s dedication to creating conceptual hand made suspended fireplaces makes JC Bordelet the grand statement to be desired. Made only in limited quantities, all fireplaces hang dramatically suspended from the ceiling and are centre stage for the dancing theatre of flames that can be viewed up to 360degrees.

A new focus in fireplaces

JC Bordelet fireplace advantages:

  • Hand made steel with limited quantities
  • Visually beautifully and exceptionally finished
  • Fire bricks baked at 1350 degrees c and reach 600 degrees c when alight
  • Only 4mm steel hanging fireplace on the Australian market

Art lovers and those cultured in the pursuit of interior magnificence should look out for Sculpt to release their showcase range in early December. We are wanting to break down the barriers of the wood fireplace world and bring a diversity and on trend feel never before seen in the tradition of wood heaters.