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Sculpt Fireplace Collection is an Australian owned company who exclusively supply some of the world’s most sought after high-end luxury fireplaces.

Intent on providing Australians with a dynamic collection of designer fires, Sculpt Fireplace Collection has strategically gathered not only award winning fireplace designs, but also fireplaces which have been manufactured with high quality materials and the best raw steel and 100% pure original cast iron which is built to last.

Our wood fire manufacturers integrate innovation, technology, environmental impact, operational expertise and quality, while holding design at the forefront. We aim to fill homes with the maximum of comfort while capturing the true art and meaning of a sculptural fireplace in any living space.

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Sculpt is proud to be the sole importer of Seguin, Axis and JC Bordelet fireplaces, with exclusive distribution rights throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Established in 1976 by Mrs Duteriez and Mr Seguin, Cheminées Seguin Duteriez originally specialised in the production of traditional open fireplaces made from natural French stones from different regions of France such as Gard, Dordogne, Bourgogne and Charentes. Made by stone masons the company was instantly recognised for the quality of the stone cutting.

In the late seventies, Mr Duteriez had the idea to make his fireplaces more efficient. At this time, he created the first Seguin cast iron insert to fit inside the stone mantels. The success was immediate and the people of France started to turn their traditional open fireplaces into enclosed fires.

To reply to the growing demand all over France, Seguin started to establish a network of specialised and trained dealers to re-sell and install Seguin fireboxes.


In 1997, Mr Seguin and Mrs Duteriez sold their company to the De Galembert family. First Antoine De Galembert, ran the company and expanded the network of dealers all over western, central and eastern Europe.


In 2005, his son Aymeric de Galembert took over the company and has continued his fathers work on the domestic and international markets.


In 2006, Seguin bought JC Bordelet and in 2009 added Axis to the portfolio. The brands are now known all over France, with a network of dealers established in France, Europe and the Middle East.

Based in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, Axis fireplaces specialise in the manufacturing of designer wood fireplaces.

Axis Fireplaces incorporates world leading fireplace technologies, such as DAFS, High Refractory Firebricks, Outside Air Intakes and Hot Transfer Systems.


In 2016 the Seguin Duteriez Group launches themselves into the Australian & New Zealand market place through exclusive distribution by Sculpt Fireplace Collection. This combination gives a new plateau of fireplace innovations and cutting technological advances never before on the Australasian market.

Proud to announce some of Australias’ fireplace firsts, Sculpt Fireplace Collection now offers the largest double sided wood heater available on the Australian market and the patented four sided glass wood heater.

Axis, JC Bordelet and Seguin are now available to Australia and New Zealand audiences by Australian owned company, Sculpt Fireplace Collection.


Expanding to suit the growing Australian and New Zealand market, in 2019 Sculpt Fireplace Collection added an entire new Seguin 100% Pure Original Cast Iron Stoves range; including the Jade, Aurore, Topaze and Saphir.

The unique shapes and colours of the Seguin Stove Collection provides for an aesthetic crowd pleaser, making the fireplace the heart of any home.

With the integration of Axis and JC Bordelet products, Seguin is now the first company combining three different ranges of wood heating appliances (traditional cast iron fireboxes with Seguin, lineal fireboxes with Axis and designer suspended fireplaces with JC Bordelet).

The strength of the Seguin group is that it has always kept the roots and spirit of it’s brands and products, with the three companies sharing the same philosophy…

“To combine quality craftsmanship with exquisite design at the forefront.”

Now, Seguin has a network of 250 dealers all over France and is exporting to 30 countries. Employing 120 people: 80 in the head office at Randan, 20 in Montpellier (JC Bordelet) and 20 in Belley (Axis).

Igniting inspiration with a new dimension in fireplace design is now an easy choice. Available now in Australia and New Zealand – exclusively distributed by Sculpt Fireplace Collection.