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An exciting new local platform for designers, architects and builders, introducing ArchiPro! ArchiPro is an all-in-one platform that helps Australians find products and professionals for their building projects. Sculpt Fireplace Collection are thrilled to be partnering with ArchiPro and give our customers a new way to discover our fantastic range of products including; Seguin, Axis and JC Bordelet.


ArchiPro X Sculpt Fireplace Collection


Recently, Sculpt Fireplace Collection began working with ArchiPro to feature our designer fireplaces to a new audience. Founded in 2014 in New Zealand, ArchiPro began their journey to simplify the building and architecture industry in New Zealand. After 7 years of success, they recently opened up business in Australia. ArchiPro have successfully created an “online resource where design, products and craftsmanship are combined to create buildings that will  shape the future”.

ArchiPro X Sculpt Fireplace Collection

With over 170,000 registered users and followers, ArchiPro are quickly emerging as one of the top design platforms. As the sole importer and distributer across Australia Sculpt Fireplace Collection are thrilled to join ArchiPro in their journey of expansion in Australia. We believe that our products align with their mission to enjoy and create accessibility to high quality products “for generations to come”.



“Over 12 million page views and 170,000 registered users and followers per month”


ArchiPro X Sculpt Fireplace Collection


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