Darren Palmer’s Visit To The JC Bordelet Factory

During The Block’s: Darren Palmer’s visit to the JC Bordelet Factory in Montpellier, France, he was able to see the creation of his favourite hand crafted product; the Bordelet Tatiana 997. Darren Palmer Factory Visit


The Bordelet range of fireplaces feature 5 unique and hand crafted fireplaces, each boasting different festures.

The Bordelet Tatiana 997 is elegant and sleek, designed to rotate 360º as to feature its flame in any view in a room. Speak of its hand crafted details and perfected shape, Darren Palmer himself then assisted the product shapers by sculpting a Bordelet Tatiana 997 with assistance from the craftsmen.

Marvelled by the intricacy of the production, Darren Palmer talks about how unbelievable the entire process is to view firsthand. The Tatiana 997 has a signature curve in its hood, as to allow for a larger viewing space and heat output, the production to create this look is extremely detailed and takes some time to create a perfected product.


Darren Palmer Factory Visit | JC Bordelet

Although the Bordelet Tatiana 997 is created to host a flame fuelled by wood, it can also be converted into a gas fireplace. Still retaining its beauty and shape, a Gas Converted Bordelet Tatiana 997 allows the flame to be endless and controll.


Darren Palmer Factory Visit