Award winning fireplace designer Jean-Claude Bordelet has established himself as a non-conformist player in the world of fireplace design and manufacturing


Dramatically Suspended JC Bordelet Linea 914


The dramatically suspended JC Bordelet Linea 914 was first created with the stroke a pen by acclaimed fireplace designer JC Bordelet. Its slender and smooth body creates a dramatic centrepiece for any home in which it is placed. Created in 2014 the unit features 360 degrees of viewing glass that create a truly magnificent sight. Each JC Bordelet unit is hand spun and crafted in the South of France, making these units not only a statement piece but something truly special for the home owner.

Stepping away from traditional and minimilsatic styles, the JC Bordelet Linea 914 has been designed to be easily distinguished from anything that’s been designed before. As the only unit in the range that reaches the floor, this unique fireplaces creates its own identity in aestheticism and functionality. The unit is created from 4mm thick steel and features a fire grate and ash pan as standard. The 360 degree viewing glass, is created using safety glass, meaning there is no reason for concern that the glass may overheat and crack.

Hand made in limited quantities, all JC Bordelet fireplaces are dramatically suspended from the ceiling and aim to dramatically enhance the ambiance and warmth of any living space. When you choose JC Bordelet, you choose one of the leaders in metallic fireplaces for the quality production and the finishing, with original designs, audacious colours and fluidity of shape.

Sculpt Fireplace Collection are proud to stock these stunning suspended fireplaces and as the sole importer across Australia and New Zealand, we know our fireplaces, trust our units and know you will be impressed with the quality of its design and creation.


Dramatically Suspended JC Bordelet Linea 914

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