Since releasing our new luxury Axis double sided fireplace range we have been asked countless times whether these European masterpieces can be adapted to our great Australian lifestyle.

I mean why wouldn’t you want your double sided fireplace’s potential to be maximised by enjoying it both inside and outside your home? By installing our Axis double sided units into an external wall your home design can compliment the diversity our vast climate offers.

External Walls -YES, you can!

After much toil and trailing we finally discovered a way to install your Axis double sided wood fireplace onto external walls. Here is a guide on how we recommend this be achieved:

First and foremost, and quite possibly most obviously, we highly recommend thought and consideration be taken when contemplating external wall installations. High importance should be noted and mentioned that no units – ours or otherwise, should ever be left in direct contact with the elements, this will result in a void of the warranty, despite the units being made from the highest quality raw materials and being built to last, exposure to the rain and sun are not ideal conditions for any product. Take extra time when consulting in the design process to place the fireplace in a sheltered position in your outdoor entertaining area.
Having said this, let’s turn our attention to the practical solutions. The units damper needs to be facing the interior of the home, and should be closed both when in use and not in use, this locks the exterior door guarenteeing it cannot be opened from the exterior of the house, this ensures not only safety and security measures. However, will also be a barrier to any inquisitive critters like bugs, vermon and insects and will also block the wind from coming through – so treat the exterior facing door just like another window.
For extra protection against those crafty rats and mice getting in we recommend adding a trim to the unit on the outside wall, securely locking and closing any gaps that may be present or accessible in the wall cavity. Any extra precautions that can be taken may as well be – better safe than sorry. Metal vent intakes and outlets are still required on internal walls, as per standard installations, for maximised operation and combustion of the fireplace.

So there you go, happy days, our Axis Double sided range can be enjoyed as often as you like all year round, from inside…OR outside! You’re welcome!

*All wood fire installations must be in accordance with Austrlia and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 2918:2001

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