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Winter is fast upon us and with the cold season comes a push towards staying indoors with a good book, a pot of tea and nestled in front of the fire for days to come.

Sculpt Fireplace Collection is an Australian owned company, established to exclusively supply some of the world’s most sought after high-end luxury fireplaces. Intent on providing Australians with a dynamic collection of luxury fireplaces, over the last two years Sculpt Fireplaces have strategically gathered not only award winning fireplace designs, but also fireplaces that have been manufactured with high quality materials and the best raw steel that is built to last.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

With over 35 years combined experience in the wood heating industry, the team at Sculpt Fireplace Collection has worked to establish a platform of designer fires like no other. Steven, the Managing Director and Founder of Sculpt Fireplaces, has hand-picked an elite team of specialised creative and industry professionals to collectively launch what is sure to be a dynamic and unparalleled industry game-changer.

“Sculpt Fireplaces has enabled us to breathe new life into the at times out-dated world of fireplaces within Australia” Steven | Director of Sculpt Fireplaces

Sculpt Fireplaces sets out with a vision to forget about the standard “black box” design of a wood heater and make it more of a sculptural piece of art that dramatically suspends from your ceiling or spreads out along your wall with a large panoramic view of dancing flames, this is the vision Sculpt Fireplaces sets out for all home owners or commercial clients to achieve.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

“Clients have been searching for products like ours for years but haven’t had anyone within Australia to supply it to them until now” Marianne | Marketing and Brand Leader of Sculpt Fireplaces

Axis, JC Bordelet and Seguin are the pinnacle French brands Sculpt Fireplaces will be exclusively stocking in both Australia and New Zealand. With over 40 years’ experience in hand crafting top quality products between them, Sculpt Fireplaces believe in offering the best quality and technologically advanced wood fireplace products available on the market today.


Based in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, Axis fireplaces specialise in the manufacturing of designer wood fireplaces and are ranked #1 in France for their high quality steel, advance heating technology and contemporary fireplace designs. Over the last 15 years Axis fireplaces’ have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing luxury steel fireboxes using state of the art technology to laser cut all units which are then tightly mechanically welded to the frame. As a result of this craftsmanship, no warping of the firebox can ever occur.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

JC Bordelet

Hand made in limited quantities, all JC Bordelet fireplaces are suspended from the ceiling and aim to dramatically enhance the ambiance and warmth of any living space. When you choose JC Bordelet, you choose one of the leaders in metallic fireplaces for the quality production and the finishing; with original designs, bold colours and flexibility of shapes.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces


Based in the heart of Auvergne, France, Seguin Duteriez fireplaces have been renowned for producing some of Europe’s most revolutionary and sought-after range of elite fireplace products for over 30 years. Artisan engineered and with the use of exclusive materials, Seguin fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure cast iron and are highly regarded for their durability and increased heating output. These cast iron Cheminee fireplaces are well known for their heat retention even after the fire has dissipated, allowing for a longer lasting heat well into those colder nights. All Seguin cast iron fireboxes come with a damper, air wash system, fire grate and ash pan as standard. Given the high quality raw material, Seguin cast iron Cheminee fireboxes are guaranteed for 10 years.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

Bestsellers at Sculpt Fireplaces

From wherever our Bordelet Tatiana 997 suspended fireplace is residing, it will cause a stir of desire that others will crave with its 180 degree viewing area and 360 degree pivot rotation option. Handmade in South of France, the Bordelet Tatiana 997 hanging wood fire is made from hand shaped and spun steel, making this artisan engineered fireplace highly sort after amongst designers and architects alike. Any hanging wood fireplace will create drama and ambiance, but the Bordelet Tatiana 997 has an ambitious je ne sais quoi (quality that cannot be described) that you too can attain.

The Axis H1600XXL contemporary inbuilt wood heater takes the title for being Australia’s largest inbuilt wood fireplace, with an unbelievable 1.7m glass viewing area. With flexibility to be used as an open fireplace or slow combustion wood heater, this designer statement is sure to be a focal point in any grand space. Featuring an exceptional hand-made French panoramic steel firebox with manually assembled interlocking heavy duty fire bricks that retain the heat well after the fire has dissipated.

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House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

We are seeing a decline in mantel pieces, TVs above the fireplace and stack stone walls. Clients are now interested in sleek, minimalistic panoramic fires with slimline trims and floating concrete or stone hearths. Our freestanding and suspended fireplaces appeal to a wide range of design aesthetics, with a look that suits the trending urban industrial style that is in this season.

Sculpt Fireplaces favourite fireplace

The team at Sculpt Fireplaces favourite fireplace would have to be the Sculpt Fireplaces remote control wood heater – The Seguin Visio 8 Plus with IHS!

“Imagine saying that to your friends? I have a remote control wood heater, it tells me when to load wood and regulates the temperature for me! Amazing!” Hayley | Purchasing Officer at Sculpt Fireplaces

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

5 top tips:

1) Always use dry hard wood as fuel, as it burns cleaner and for longer, make sure its dry with a moisture content below 20%. Don’t use treated wood or pine as they burn quicker and with more emissions.

2) To easily clean the glass on your wood heater dab some newspaper in cold water, then work using a circular motion, dab it in the ash around the glass until clean. It works a treat!

3) Don’t compromise the look you love because of price, its in your house forever. A fireplace is a permanent fixture and you need to be happy with the look and feel of it in the space first and foremost.

4) Between March and April is the best time of year to buy a fireplace, allowing your installation to be executed just in time for those cold winter nights.

5) If you are looking for that custom design exclusive fireplace you may have to allow for overseas orders, so investigate early for those well planned builds or renovations.

House Of Home Interviews: Sculpt Fireplaces

With revolutionary fireplace designs and technology never before seen in Australia and exclusive distribution rights for Axis, JC Bordelet, and Seguin fireplaces in Australia and New Zealand, there is no doubt that it is worth viewing Sculpt Fireplaces artisan fireplace range.

House of Home would like to thank Steven, Marianne and Hayley from Sculpt Fireplaces, for speaking to us.