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“Organic in its creation and handcrafted by a passion for natural-born beauty, this bespoke beachside home unveils a stunning and unique architectural style”


McEwing & Partners X Sculpt Fireplace Collection 


Striking yet exquisitely elegant, featuring high arches and curves, cathedral ceilings, organic earthy colours and handcrafted finishes this brand new luxury home was created. While a northern orientation brings sunlight pouring in to complete the natural vibe in this sensational home.

Welcomed by a long tree-lined driveway with an auto gate and surrounded by gardens designed by a horticulturalist, the inside offers outstanding individuality including a lime wash colour scheme, exposed concrete, Wild River timber flooring and a spectacular kitchen crowned with a giant arched window. Across a breezeway, the fully lined garage cleverly doubles as a rumpus studio that can be used for your private yoga sessions or a deluxe space to work from home complete with a kitchenette, while semi-attached guest accommodation includes a sumptuous bedroom and ensuite with the same luxurious finishes at the rest of the home.

McEwing & Partners X Sculpt Fireplace Collection 

Sculpt Fireplace Collection were thrilled to be featured within this spectacular home with our gorgeous Seguin Europa 7, being a prominent feature in the main living space. Contemporary meets classic with the Seguin Europa 7 Cheminee Fireplace with swing door mechanism. This beautifully crafted pure cast iron wood fire can be installed as a built-in or freestanding fireplace. Hand made in France, the undeniable quality of the Seguin Europa 7 Cheminee Fireplace will also aim to please aesthetically and burn effectively.

Based in the heart of Auvergne, France, Seguin Duteriez fireplaces are renowned for producing some of Europe’s most revolutionary and sought-after range of elite fireplace products for over 30 years. Artisan engineered and with the use of exclusive materials, Seguin fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure cast iron and are highly regarded for their durability and increased heating output.

McEwing & Partners X Sculpt Fireplace Collection 

Unique to majority of Seguin wood fireplaces is the use of DAFS (Double Air Flow System) technology. The aim is to inject oxygen at a determined level inside of the combustion chamber. The supply of new oxygen will burn the gases and smoke that has not yet been burnt and prevent them from being released into the flue system. The advantages of this; a longer fire term, cleaner glass, also total combustion of the fire wood.

These cast iron Cheminee Fireplaces are well known for their heat retention even after the fire has dissipated, allowing for a longer lasting heat well into those colder nights. All Seguin cast iron fireboxes come with a damper, air washsystem, fire grate and ash pan as standard and thanks to the choice of high quality raw material Seguin cast iron Cheminee Fireboxes are guaranteed for 10 years.

McEwing & Partners X Sculpt Fireplace Collection 

This project combines beautifully neutral tones with statement features for an incredible finish, Sculpt are proud to be part of!

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Project Details

Real Estate Agent: McEwing & Partners

Photography: Space Craft

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