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With the use of exclusive materials, Seguin wood fireplaces are manufactured with 100% pure cast iron and are highly regarded for their durability and increased heating capacity.

Industry leaders

At the forefront of wood firebox technology, Seguin has launched innovations such as the worlds first four sided glass wood firebox and the double air flow system (DAFS).

An Environment-friendly company

As you decide to heat your home with wood, you are participating in the protection of the environment. Seguin is devoted to playing a role in ecological change.

DAFS Technology


DAFS (Double Air Flow) technology allows additional oxygen to be supplied through the air jets strategically positioned at the back of the combustion chamber. Making the unit more efficient, reducing emissions, cleaner glass and better heat output (Excludes Seguin Multivision series).


1. Normal combustion with primary air (ambient air): gases and fumes are burnt.

2. Double combustion: Seguin adds a double back plate at the back of the appliance. Additional oxygen enters in this double back plate (air coming from the ambient room or directly connected to the outside air). When this air reaches 600°C in this double back plate, it is injected inside the combustion chamber thanks to the air jets (holes). Those holes are located at a certain level of the combustion chamber (middle) in order to burn again gases and fumes not burnt during the primary phase.

Outside air intakes


All Seguin fireplaces have the option to be equipped with an outside air kit which is directly connected to the outside of your home. The firebox can then operate without using air from inside the room, with both primary and secondary air combustion stages being drawn directly from the fresh air outside.


Better efficiency, recommended for 6 star rated homes or homes that are tightly sealed, no oxygen drawn from inside your home

How it works

  1. The primary air will be taken from the facade of the firebox , through an air slide positioned in the ashtray
  2. The secondary combustion air (for the operation of the double combustion) will be taken directly from outside through an external wall or under the floor if possible